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Flexible Hiring Solutions

Temporary Staffing

The assignment is for a defined period (usually short) with a specified end date; and

The employee is expected to return to their most recently assigned role at the end of the temporary assignment.


Temp hiring is valuable for when a company has staffing needs for a shorter period. This could be if there are seasonal peaks or to cover for an illness or leave of absence, for instance. The staffing agency pays the employee in this case. A placement can be for just a few hours if needed. It can be much more cost effective to hire a temp than to recruit and interview candidates.

Direct Hire Placement

Candidates are sourced through employment agencies, but they are hired on as a permanent employee right away. This means that the employee is given benefits and remuneration from the company just like any other staff member. This type of hire through employment agencies can take longer than the others. The employer will want to take their time evaluating since they are bringing someone on full time.

Talented people are TOUGH to find,

but they are at the CORE of your successful business.

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